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About us

GreekHouseGroup is one of the sectors of the technical construction company " ANOSI SA ", which has over thirty years of experience in the property and construction field.

"ANOSI SA" is engaged in manufacturing and selling luxury homes, houses, buildings and modern complexes, commercial properties and apartments, which are located in prime areas of Attica, as well as in resort areas throughout Greece.

“ANOSI” offers its customers competitive prices, always with high quality construction, modern architectural design and implementation of the most stringent seismic standards.

With GreekHouseGroup Real Estate we strengthen our positions in domestic and foreign markets based on the following principles:

  • With the GreekHouseGroup Real Estate Guarantee and the impeccable expertise of our partners, we make your dream come true.
  • Through our mediation you will acquire high quality real estate properties
  • We will provide our clients and customers with correct and complete information.

GreekHouseGroup provides full support to its clients from the first conversation to the final result, the accomplishment of each one of your expectations.

We are always ready to discuss with you any issues related to the acquisition and maintenance of real estate in Greece .

With GreekHouseGroup  you preempt developments and therefore are able to invest in opportunities on the profitable market in Greece .

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