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Buy property
  Whom setting?
  Citizens of countries that are not EU members
  What should be the minimum value of the property?
  250.000 Euro
  This amount relates to one or more properties?
Whether a property or more whose total value exceeds 250,000 Euro.
  How is the value of  property?
  From the values indicated in the contract or lease.
  Can the property be owned by a legal person?
  Yes, as long as the shares or the shares of the entity to belong entirely to him / her to be called to a residence permit.
The value of 250.000 Euro refers only to purchase real estate?
  No, provided more options: purchase of real estate or timeshare at least ten years, or rental of hotel accommodation or tourist furnished houses in complex tourist accommodation, at least ten years

What kind of visa should have whoever wants to buy real estate and request permission to stay in Greece?
Whether Schengen visa (type C), or a national visa (type D).
 What is the difference?
Schengen Visa, type C: the holder can stay in Greece and the other Schengen countries to 90 days per six-month period. This period starts from the date of first entry into the Schengen area. If the visa is for input, then you should apply for a new visa if they wish to visit Greece again. National visa for owners and property investors type D: Special provision has been made. Its duration is normally to 365 days. The holder can stay in Greece during this period and to travel to and from Greece many times as you wish. Moreover, it can travel to other countries of the Schengen zone for three months per semester.
  The conditions are the same between the two types of visas?
  No, differ. Schengen Visa, type C: apply the general requirements apply for a tourist visa. National visa for property buyers type D: distinguish between those seeking national visa to come to Greece or to buy property, or have already bought property and then intend to request a residence permit. Between the last two cases, there is a difference as to the documentation to be provided by the complainant in Greek Consular Authority.
Which visa is preferable?
  A person should take account of the following: - for the purchase of property is no particular type of visa required. - If you need a long time to search for property or aftermarket wants to reside continuously in Greece, the national visa type D is indicated. - If one considers that sufficient residence quarter per semester, and wants to make a new application for the next trip to Greece, the Schengen tourist visa may suffice. - In any case, the application for a residence permit must be submitted before the expiry of their visa. The applicant may also submit the application for a residence permit through an attorney.

What is the duration of the residence permit?
5 years
Provided for renewal of the residence permit?
  Yes, for another five years at a time, as long as you maintain the relationship concerned with real estate What about the family of the investor? The family members are also entitled to an individual residence permit. You must submit individual applications. Their own license for single-renewal and / or expire together with the residence of the owner of real estate.
  Permission to work in Greece, the residence permit holder?
No. But it can be a shareholder, board member CEO or company.
  Anyone who has a residence permit, may take into account the period of residence for the granting of Greek citizenship?
It is essential whoever makes for a residence permit has previously obtained a visa in Greece?
  Only as long as it comes from a country whose citizens are required to have visa to enter Greece.
Where to apply?
  Working for a staging of the Directorate for Aliens and Migration of the Decentralized Administration of the place of residence of the applicant or the relevant department of the municipality of residence, if the power has not yet been transferred to the devolved administrations. If submitted to the local authority, then the documents within 15 days should be sent to Decentralized Management.
We must testify in person?
If he wishes, the deposit can be done by proxy.

Strategic investment
Whom setting?
Citizens of countries that are not EU members
 For which investment is it?
 Investments classified as "strategic investments" following a decision of the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments (N. 3894/2010-Official Gazette A 204)
Who can apply for a residence permit?
The legal representative of the investment entity - up to 10 people, for which the residence permit is considered as a prerequisite for making the investment
What about their families?
 The family members are also entitled to a residence permit. The same applies to any auxiliary personnel, as long as it is disabled. The duration of these permits expire at the end of the license of the person who mainly maintains beneficiary.

  What is the duration of the residence permit?
  Up to 10 years
 Anyone who receives a residence permit, may take into account the period of residence for the granting of Greek citizenship?
Who decides on the issue of the residence permit?
The Minister of Interior decision.
What advantages does the residence permit holder in Greece?
May reside continuously in Greece during the entire duration of the residence permit
You can travel to other countries of the Schengen area without restrictions.

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